Diamond-Coated Laptop Sleeve Worth $11M

The Apple MacBook Pro with a Core i7 2.8 GHz fitted with 4 GB Ram would cost you around $1,500, however, do the math for  7,333 units of this laptop will cost you $11M. Ultimately, if you’ll be getting Coverbee’s diamond-coated laptop sleeve, all that $11M will be just a piece of protective sleeve for a single laptop.

Rest assured that you’ll not be loosing any of those precious gems and scratching your laptop from this sleeve as Coverbee have taken some times perfecting the art of keeping those diamonds intact and have made the inner layer with a rare black sable fur from Siberia to keep your laptop from getting scratch by the gems.

Each one of its 8,800 diamonds is graded VS clarity and F in colour and has its own certificate of authenticity.

If you have a room full of molded cash to spent with this insane laptop sleeve, the company says it’ll be shipped to you “by a prominent Secure Logistics company, that is normally used to carry gold bars and bank notes of the Federal Bank.”

Source: Coverbee

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