A Chinese downloads the 25 billionth App

A man from Qingdao, China wins the $10,000 from Apple to celebrate the achievement of the App Store of over 25 Billion downloads.  The lucky winner is Chunli Fu who downloaded the free app Where’s my Water?

Apple’s App Store shows no sign of slowing down despite competition from Google’s Android market (Now re-branded as Google Play). The problem with Google is that paid app downloads are still incredibly weak compared with Apple’s App Store which is very lucrative. Also, the diverse hardware specifications of Android  impede apps that are not compatible with the device, which result into failure to run of the applications smoothly or entirely. Apps from the App Store on the other hand work uniformly on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Although Android has more user base, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more profitable. Android must take reforms to improve this situation.


Source: TheMacHerald

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