Amazon could be Google’s worst nightmare in terms of search business

Google watch out! Amazon has been quietly expanding its website from being the largest e-tailer to potential search titan apparent from its more than a billion ads revenue record.

Though these earnings seemed to be like a tidbits from Google’s 40B record, the trend on how people search the internet might be a course more positive on the side of the Amazon. More than the regular ads shown on Google’s search results, Amazon’s placed links and ads at the bottom of its product pages, and they are much more visual and targeted.

Clearly cited on Business Insider report, “In the “old days” of ecommerce, some people used to go to Amazon’s site to research products and then go to Google to figure out where to buy them cheaply. Now, all of that can be done at Amazon.” This will surely lure away some advertisers from the internet-giant.

Amazon’s ad revenue stream seemed to be growing steadily fast, and as a dominant global e-tailer there’s an enormous growth possibilities. Can Amazon keep up its pace from the Google? Read more on the source link below.

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