Qualcomm became the leading vendor of smartphone processors

After a streak of reigning as the leading vendor of smartphone processors —-Texas Instruments has been dethroned by Qualcomm which has significantly posted overwhelming sales figures last year. Strategy Analytics, states that the total smartphone processor market grew 70% in 2011 in terms of revenue with $7.9 billion work of product was shipped, half of which was a Qualcomm smartphone processor.

Accordingly, back in 2010 and 2011 if we’re talking about processors built for smartphone revenue, Qualcomm have already top the sales chart, which is followed by Samsung, Texas Instrument, Marvell and for the first time Broadcomm who’ve surges 500-percent sales over the last year. Though NVIDIA has been out of the top 5, (ooh!) who missed just one spot but considering its strong market for trending dual-core(Tegra 2) and quad-core(Tegra 3) smartphones, it’ll surely spice up the competition.

Source: StrategyAnalytics

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