Infogeeze: How to Get Back Deleted Pictures from Computer

After the inception of modern high capacity secondary storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives etc., it has become quite easy to store a large number of pictures at one place. However, due to large and easy storing provided by these devices, we can not neglect the fact that digital images may get lost due to accidental deletion or corruption of these devices. Therefore, keeping digital photo loss in mind, there has been developed photo recovery software which work as a virtue for those, who are suffering from precious image loss.

But, it is always advisable to maintain backups of your valuable digital files more than one place. Various options which you can opt for storing more than one backup of your digital file are:

  • You can keep a printed copy of each of your memorable photos
  • You can use online storage services to store your precious photos
  • You can keep the backup in more than one external storage units

Though, printed copy of memorable photos is one of the best options but it does not provide the facility to edit and share photos with loved ones. While on the other hand, you can always edit the digital photos to enhance their appearance and very easily share them with your friends and family. Thus, it is very rightly said that keeping one backup of your precious data is always risky.

But what will you do when the memory card of your digital camera starts throwing an error while you are transferring some of the recently clicked pictures to your Windows based computer? In addition the error prevents you from opening the card to access the photos saved on it? Well, this is a sure indication of memory card corruption. However, if you study about these errors, you will get to know that they are mostly on the cards and formatting of the memory card can very easily remove them.

Certainly, formatting of the memory card deletes all the data that is stored on it, but thanks to highly specialized Stellar Phoenix picture recovery software by which it is possible to get back all your precious photos intact. The powerful image recovery software can recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible photos from memory cards, digital cameras, laptops, desktops, external hard drives, pen drives, etc. The comprehensive software has simple user interface which does not require any technical knowledge to perform recovery. Moreover, you will get the preview of all the recoverable images and videos before actual recovery, and for full recovery you may opt to purchase the full version. So in this way, your hard earned money will not going to ruin instead of giving the full results.

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Oliver is the contributing author and data recovery expert’s working since 1995. He did some famous work and write great articles which helps user a lot to troubleshoot various problems related to computer software and hardware. Oliver is now researched and write well about photo recovery software needed to recover deleted or formatted photos.

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