Facebook Timeline: Like it or Lose it? [Infographic]

Most of the casual internet users didn’t want changes on their normal sites they visit everyday, concerning about the ease of use and the routine they usually do. And this is evident with the current Facebook Timeline mandatory roll-out coming soon, if SodaHead poll can be considered by Facebook, we’re sure that the Timeline feature will have an optional roll out.

The poll results tally a stunning 70-percent of the 1,327 respondents wanted to ditch Timeline if they could, while 20-percent of them like it and 10-percent don’t use Facebook at all.

Facebook Timeline mandatory roll-out countdown have started two weeks ago, though the social networking giant hasn’t set the specific generic adoption. “Facebook announced that users would see notifications on their home page and then have seven days to clean up their Timelines,” basically a call to Facebook users, to have enough time to hide the content they would like to keep private.

Do you think Facebook Timeline have a great privacy risk for its user? However, you can check out why others are loving Facebook Timeline.

Source: SodaHead

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