Canon 5D Mark III/X details surface

Information are flowing like there’s no tomorrow for Canon‘s most anticipated camera presumably debuting this year. According to Canon Rumors, mark February 28th as the nearest probable date when it hits the world of being official. Meanwhile, specs are coming in 22-megapixels, 61-point AF and 6.9fps, this was all the same. And if the rumored shipping date will be real, expect solid leaks to come up really soon, as it’ll be on shelves late March or early April.

Here’s an interesting response from Canon’s Masaya Maeda if you are wondering why 22-megapixels isn’t nearly to battle Nikon’s 36mp D800 that have just been announced last week.

…Regarding how Canon responds to the competition from Nikon’s D800 and the concern of the successor of 5D Mark II, Maeda indicates that although he cannot leak information about un-announced product, the way Canon develops new product is to satisfy the needs of professional photographers. For instance, the introduction of EOS-1D X is to satisfy professional photographers to photoshoot sports events like the Olympics, in terms of their requirement of high FPS and high image quality under high ISO settings. If Canon thinks the market wants the high resolution models such as the 30+ MP of Nikon’s D800, they can easily develop such products…

Source: CR

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