Top 10 Facts About Google

We all have heard a lot of stuff about Google and its flawlessness. The efficiency of making search easy is also recommendable. Google was created by duo Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of Stanford Ph.D. What we don’t know is some interesting facts about Google. Many does not know that the first storage device of Google was cobbled with LEGO. Nor do many know that the very first investor of Google wrote a check of $100,000 before the firm came into existence. Apart from these there are many more facts about this search giant that were not known to the people. Let’s get to know the top 10 facts about Google.

1. BackRub came before Google’s existence

Graduates Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996 undertook a research project about the linking structure of the World Wide Web. In particular they were interested in determining the value of web pages as per the back links. This project was titled as the BackRub.

2. Google’s Computer Storage in its original form

Large amount of disk space was required by Larry and Sergey for the PageRank testing. However the largest available hard disks were of only 4GB at that time. Because of this, Larry and Sergey assembled 10 drivers together. Larry had experience building programmable plotters from LEGO so the first computer storage for Google was made up of colorful bricks.

3. First Investor for Google

Andy Bechtolsheim from Stanford University Network Microsystem talked to Larry and Sergey about their plans for Google and after 30 minutes of hearing them he wrote a check of $100,000 for Google, Inc.

4. Google Garage

Susan Wojcicki in the year 1998 rented out her garage to two students from Standford, Larry & Sergey for $1,700 a month. For Susan this was the best decision of her life and it got her a major job at Google as one of the top executives. Google bought Susan’s house in 2006 to convert it into a tourist attraction.

5. First canine friend of Google

In the year 1999 Yoshka, a Leonberger breed came to work with the VP of Google’s Engineering section, Urs Hölzle. He was the first dog of the company.

6. Google servers

Google is very secretive when it comes to their data centers. Nobody apart from the company knows exactly about the servers related to Google.

7. Greener search options

Google has installed solar panels of 1.6MW over the rooftop of Googleplex to offset its consumption of electricity. There are a total of 9,212 solar panels which generate 4,475 kWh every day. This amount of electricity can actually power 1,000 homes in California. As per calculations Googleville data center on a daily basis requires 103 megawatts of electricity.

8. Google Trike

Google Street View is a familiar thing for most but there are many interesting yet inaccessible places which cannot be covered by four wheelers. Google trike is a bicycle based Street View system which informs about shopping districts that are inaccessible by cars.

9. Google pays $110 Million a Year for I’m Feeling Lucky

The button on Google’s homepage that says “I’m Feeling Lucky” takes you directly to the first web result pages. Since it bypasses Google’s own search result options, it costs much more for the search giant which is $110 million a year.

10. The Revelation of Googlebot!

The Googlebot connects the world with Internet, wires and big cabinets of computerized systems. Ben Rathbone in 2005 came up with Googlebot overlord.

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