The Best Headphones at CES 2012

It’s a new year, it’s January of a new year, and we all know what that means… it’s CES time! That international consumer electronics show where there are over 2500 exhibitors showcasing products, from the plainly mediocre to the downright outrageous. And for all its worth, there are certain ones that standout from the rest. For this feature, we’ll bringing you the best of what the mobile auditory entertainment scene has to offer — in other words, the best headphones.


From the name alone, you’ll know what the SPORT is for. If you’re the type of person that wants to keep his/her routinary walk, run, or workout in the gym from being dead boring, then the SPORT is what you need. It’s a Bluetooth headset that does just that, plus, it can also be used to answer calls — still while doing all the activities mentioned. So what does this bring apart from the rest? In that small package, it already includes a built-in FM radio and produces great sound with its A2DP, AM3D Power Bass audio enhancement and a wind-shielded microphone and Virtual Surround Sound audio enhancements. Combined with US Military Standard materials, it will be your companion whatever you may do.

Klipsch MODE™ M40

The MODE M40 is Klipsch’s first offering for an Active Noise Cancelling headphone. Now that’s just the start. This beautiful and very attractive set of audio gear sports high grade leather ear cups for maximum listening comfort and combine that with the aforementioned noise cancellation, it will literally separate you from the rest with the audio environment you’ll be in. You can use the MODE M40 with battery that will last upto 45 hours of use, or without just like any stereo headphone. In any case, this is perfect for those long plane rides where you can listen to your favorite audiobooks or just jam all the way.

Plantronics Blackwire 435

Let’s not forget those audio products for the PC users. For all your VoIP telephony, conferencing or simple PC listening needs, Plantronics offers the Blackwire 435. Unlike most desktop headphones, this particular set is, as they term it, “discreet” with it’s non-intrusive minimal design. You’ll be having two stereo earbuds for your listening pleasure and a single input microphone attached to one. And as mentioned, this is perfect for those who are often on video calls. Not only would you have a good audio reception and response, you’ll also look better with it’s sleek design.

PSB Speakers M4U 2 Headphones

While PSB Speakers is known for their high-end audio equipment as well as their wide range of speaker sets, they’ve recently expanded their line with the M2U 2 Headphones. For starters, it’s an active noise cancelling headphones that can apply internal audio amplification by a flick of a switch. This will then produce very rich sounds with powerful bass that will make you listen all the way. And let’s not forget, this pair is also very comfortable to wear with reinforced padding in each ear, providing a great listening experience over all.

SDI Technologies NB639 Fitness Evolved System

If you’re the very active type and would really benefit from headphones that will just give you music, then here’s the perfect gear for you. Partnered with sports wear brand New Balance, SDI Technologies brings the NB639 Fitness Evolved System — pretty complicated name for a pair of phones. Here’s the deal, when you get the set, you won’t just get a set of buds, you will also get a pedomenter/chronograph/heart rate monitor to go with it. For the casual music lover, most of the inclusions in this package might be useless, but for the serious athlete, everything you need to monitor those calories and whatnot is right here.

Sennheiser RS 220

We all know what Sennheiser is and what they do so here’s their entry for this list. For a change, it’s not a mobile audio accessory, but more of a “private listening experience” with the RS 220. It’s actually an audio transmitter that let’s you hook devices to its base terminal with either a digital coaxial or analog audio inputs. With the RS 220, you can comfortably listen to anything hooked to the device up to a 100 meters away and coupled with premium quality materials, your listening experience will be totally exceptional.

Skullcandy The FIX

Now most of us know a Skullcandy pair when we see one… literally. So how does their smaller accessories fare compared to the larger ones? Well, they may not be that stylish, but they sure give the sound quality we’ve expected from the brand. One problem most have with earbuds is their tendency to fall off, but The FIX has – fixed – that problem and this now allows music lovers to rock and bang their heads without worrying about falling earbuds and losing them. Let’s also not forget that they also sound give out great sound quality. So yeah, if you want to rock out, then The FIX will definitely give you your music fix.

Sonomax Technologies eers Custom-Molded Earphones

Here’s a very unique item that we bet most of you haven’t heard… custom-molded earphones. You’ve read that right. The thing about earbuds and is that they’re made with a single size and fit in mind. And we all know that not all of us have the same ear “size” and “fit”. So the smart guys at Sonomax actually considered that factor and they’re releasing the eers Custom-Molded Earphones just for that. In only four minutes, you can now have your own pair of unique earbuds, perfectly fitting to your own auditory organ. With the silicon form-fitting material, it will gradually take the shape of your ear cavity to provide maximum comfort and sound experience. Now you don’t have to worry about falling earbuds!

Westone 4 R-Series

Stereo earphones are named as such because they use two drivers, one at the left and one at the right. So what if someone bends that concept and use multiple drivers per side? That’s what Westone did with their 4 R-Series. Using a properly balanced quad-driver setup, the 4 R-Series, promises to produce a totally new listening experience. With the advanced three-way crossover network, audio produced is properly mixed with maximum clarity and range. Couple what with their signature “True-Fit” technology and you’ll have a powerful listening experience never before heard from other sets.

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