Techinline Remote Desktop Support Software Review

Gone are the days where those that purchase remote desktop support software are only a little niche in the market today as more and more enterprises discover the necessity of having a remote desktop management team in their IT offices. Now as the name implies, these type of tools allows people miles away to actually control and fix issues locally. This not only decreases any discrepancy between the tech support and the user, but enables to provide quicker solutions as well. On that note, there are many tools out there that provide the same concept, so which one should you choose? Let us help you by highlighting one of these — presenting Techinline’s Remote Access Desktop Support Software.

Most remote desktop tools require the user install one or more software packages that will allow the shared connection between points. There’s the issue of security, connection speed and more among others. Techinline tries to alleviate these hassles by having a browser-based remote desktop support software. You may be thinking, “That’s too easy!”… that’s correct. With this, your company will save a lot in just purchasing and installing a single package instead of multiple ones. What about security then, that’s the main reason why other tools are “bloated.” Techinline reassures that despite having a simpler setup, security isn’t compromised with its SSL and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) — both of which are commonly used in financial transactions.

Now that we’ve laid down the basics, here’s what Techinline’s software has to offer. For starters, you wouldn’t want a generic-looking tool if you wanted to roll it out within your company. Thus, Techinline gives you lots of options in customizing the look of both the local and remote clients from the colors to the logos among others. If that’s not enough take remote copy and pasting — that’s right, your clipboard is also shared between clients. Not only your clipboard, but files themselves are transferable between users. Of course, remote desktop support is useless if both parties aren’t able to talk to each other, so Techinline included a messaging/chat client for easy communication between users. For evaluation and measurement, there are reports and logs available for administrator use that allows administrators to see how their services fare and some needed metrics measurements.

So there you have it. If you want a highly flexible and easy to use remote desktop support solution, then Techinline may actually have the one you’re looking for. Combine that with their round-the-clock global support, they will assure you that their users and your users will be satisfied either way. Now subscription licenses range from a monthly $30 to an annual charge of $300, but for the amount of money you’ll save due to less user problems, then this tool is worth the price. For more information, visit them at

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