Study Says Facebook Makes You Smarter

Don’t be surprise if you’re getting smarter while spending more and more time staring at your Facebook wall everyday. As Facebook Data Team Study reveals that the highly diverse data coming from your strong and weak network ties significantly influence your media consumption more than you might think.

According to the study, that you are 10-times more likely  you’ll share “novel content” and most of the diverse information you’ll be sharing comes from weak ties friends, meaning those people that rarely you meet or talk with. “In short, weak ties have the greatest potential to expose their friends to information that they would not have otherwise discovered,” the study points.

On the other hand, your strong ties more likely to see and share your links that would be an interesting feed to their weak ties.

And, don’t forget those news links from Facebook page subscriptions you made, they play a great part for new information coming on your network.

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