SpareOne Cellphone runs on Single AA Battery will standby for 15 years

During the old ages of cellphones they’re only used to make calls unlike today that most of them are just like a PC fitted on your pocket. Relieving the old times, SpareOne cellphone matches the category of just making phone calls, no fancy touchscreen and as the name suggest —-it’s a backup phone. Most interesting features of this caveman cellphone is it does run on a single AA battery capable of 10 hours talk time and whooping 15 years on standby.

Basically the AA battery caters the affordability and availability for some good emergency purposes like if the power’s out or you’re lost in the woods. As a spare phone, definitely you can easily slide in your dead phone’s SIM on SpareOne and you can make calls right away.

One more cool feature of this phone is even if you don’t have a SIM card around, it’ll let you call 911 with it.

We think at $50, you can grab one for every member on your family. SpareOne will be available this March.

Source: SpareOne Page via  Gizmag 

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