SolarKindle Lighted Cover Keeps You Reading Longer

CES 2012 have just unveiled the world the future trends of electronics making our life so much easier and smarter. And like this SolarKindle case from SolarFocus that will enable the Kindle user to read at night time with it’s built-in 800 lux LED light that turns on when you pop it up and off when you pop it back. This case also features a built-in 1,500mAh battery that powers the LED light and covers up as a battery juice pack for your Kindle. The battery could power the LED light for up to 50 hours of illumination when fully charged. The company also claims that an hour of solar charging can give you three days of fun Kindle reading.


Accordingly, the case is made from leather and will cost you $80 for keeping your Kindle safe, illuminated and powered.

Check out  for the affordable Kindle versions and grab SolarKindle for a greener yet smarter way of reading.

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