Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window is the Coolest in CES 2012

Sci-Fi interactive hologram could be is CES 2020, but before we speak the closest technology we’ve seen so far or by all means the coolest that was closely scene-alike on 2002 film Minory Report is Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window. Watch this pretty awesome technology in action after the cut, apart from the bonus cute girl who demoed the Smart Window.

It isn’t your conventional window right, way smarter where it displays widgets for you to interact like checking Twitter or Facebook updates, calendars, weather, watch movie or TV broadcasts and other cool stuff that normally we’re already enjoying on tablets and smartphones. It’s a one-sided window, so you can only see out and not on the other way around.

The blinds, watch out for that! That was really awesome.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on its price while the availability is just too obscure that it’ll be in “coming months.”

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