Megaupload Users Face Data Deletion, Megaupload Founder Face Accusations

Megaupload, one of the most popular file-sharing services in the world could lose all its data, legal or illegal on Thursday, 2nd of February 2012 according to the Associated Press. US Prosecutors warns Megaupload users that they will eventually face data deletion.

According to Ira Rothken, Megaupload’s lawyer, at least 50 million users who had stored data could be deleted but it is doing its best to keep the data from being removed. “We’re cautiously optimistic at this point that because the United States, as well as Megaupload, should have a common desire to protect consumers, that this type of agreement will get done,” he said.

Megaupload was shut down last January 19, 2012 and the data which might be deleted was being held by Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications Group storage companies. The letter from the US prosecutors said that as of the moment the selected data were copied and the servers were not yet removed from the premises controlled by the said storage companies.

“It is our understanding that the hosting companies may begin deleting the contents of the servers beginning as early as 2 February,” it said.

Kim Dotcom also known as Kim Schmitz, the founder of Megaupload together with six(6) others was accused of causing more than $500 million in copyright infringement. The US Prosecutors were seeking for these people to be transferred from New Zealand to US.

If the deletion will push through, 50 million Megaupload users will be affected and it will be a really really bad news for all of them.

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