iPhone 5 to sport a 4-inch screen and new design

Another string of iPhone 5 related rumors surfaced. Recently, there is a buzz that the 6th generation iPhone will sport a quad-core qualcom processor. Just now, we heard rumors that the new iPhone might boast a screen bigger than 4 inches and a different form from its predecessor. This information came from an anonymous source from Foxconn, which manufactures a bulk of Apple’s components.

According to the source, the final specs are not yet finalized for Apple is still undecided with its numerous prototypes that all possess varying screen size not less than 4-inch and new ergonomics. It is to be expected from Apple which is known to scrap completed prototypes if not satisfied.

The adjustment or modification in design can be sort of anticipated in the next release since Apple already released two identical iPhone. But the increase in screen size might be a little uncertain. The reason for this is if they equip the iPhone with a 4-inch screen or more, it would compromise the so called Retina display that they are marketing. A 3.5-inch screen in an iPhone 4/s contains roughly 326 pixels per inch. If the size is boosted to 4-inch, the pixel count would drop to 285 ppi which is below the 300 ppi mark to be considered ‘Retina’. If Apple would really increase the screen size while retaining retina display, they will also have to increase the screen’s resolution which in turn might result in incompatibility with a lot of apps.

In any case, all of these are still rumors so let’s regard them with a pinch of salt and cross our fingers that another Apple employee loses another prototype at a bar somewhere in California for our amusement.

Source: TheMacHerald.com

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