Internet overuse can cause severe structural damage to your brain

The universe with its stars and planets could be significantly related with the internet in terms of its complexity and infinite information lies on its network constellation. As of today, the one of the third part of the 70 billion population of the world has been using the internet as a main source of information and communication medium. The internet has become a basic necessity nowadays.

Summarizing how the internet have exploded, it’s almost out of control where it has became a home for good and bad information, piracy(ooh, though SOPA isn’t a good idea) and several forms of abuses. However, ultimately have you considered what’s the health consequences when you’re spending most of your time browsing the web?

According to a Chinese researchers who’ve have conducted a study that overusing the internet can cause severe structural damage to your brain rooting their findings from 17 individuals with Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) compared to 16 normal healthy individuals through method called fractional anisotropy (measuring organization in the brain by locating the presence of white matter). The results revealed that there were structural and functional interference in the part of the brain that regulates organization causing cognitive damages similar to caused by gambling or use of alcohol.

Now if you’re feeling drunk while you’re browsing the internet, then think of your health —-you better spend time on outdoor activities and get disconnected from all your digital devices, throw them on the freezer for the meantime.

Source:  Mashable

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