Facebook, One of the Major Causes of Divorce in UK

Facebook plays a big role in people’s lives nowadays including the lives of married couples. A recent survey conducted last December 2011 by a UK Divorce website, Divorce Online found that there is an alarming growth of Facebook related divorces. It has been said that 33% of the behavior petitions were related to Facebook

Compared to their survey last 2009 wherein there are only 20% of Facebook related divorces were found; now it has already grown by 13%. The said website stated three major reasons:

1. Inappropriate messages to the members of the opposite sex
2. Separated spouses posting nasty comments about each other
3. Facebook friends reporting spouse’s behavior



According to the spokesman for Divorce Online, Mark Keenan, “If someone wants to have an affair or flirt with the opposite sex then Facebook is the easiest place to do it. Also the use of Facebook to make comments about ex partners to friends has become extremely common with both sides using Facebook to vent their grievances against each other.”

After the conducted survey above, do you think Facebook should add “Divorced” as a new relationship status?

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