Everything You Need to Master Your New Smartphone

Well, first of all let’s agree to this simple fact that “all smartphones aren’t that smart also”. And many of them will disappoint you more than you would ever imagine. So, in case you are one among the list of those who are fed up of holding on with an idiotic and not so smart cell, then we are at your rescue. Here are some quick tips that could make your companionship with your new device more comfortable. So, give it a thought before dumping your cell phone too early. It could be a bad idea. 

Battery Blues

Battery issues are not new for regular smartphone users. They could be the most likely reason for you to get rid of your device. But you don’t need to make any hurry. One thing that you should always control yourself from doing is charging you phone right away. Just let that left up charge get completely drained off and then only plug-in for charging. Charging your smartphone when the battery is only half way down could decrease the efficient charging in the future. Well, occasionally you can also make a slip to this rule, but sticking to it will only ensure a healthy and long life for your cellphone.

Data shifting

The main key to shifting you data successfully from one android to another lies in three golden words i.e. “One Good Sync”. But this is not the same case if the transfer is done from an idiotic phone to a smart one. You can keep the following things in mind to get it done correctly:

  • The best and simplest option is to employ you carrier to perform the task, especially in case you are using the same carrier. So pull down at your nearest service center to get the work done. Don’t forget to ask the fee that they usually charge in case you are switching carriers.
  • For GSM phone users, SIM card provides for an easy transfer. You just need to find the option that will enable you to ‘transfer contacts’ to a SIM card. When you are done with writing your contacts on the SIM, take your old card out and insert it into the new phone. But, yes make sure that you carefully transfer all you contacts onto the new SIM.
  • Google Sync also comes very handy to transfer data in some of the smartphones, that includes Nokia, Blackberry, Windows and Iphone. Once you are done with adding your contacts into your Google acoount, you can return to the cloud and let it update contacts. This Google account thing also works for android. You just need to sign up from your new phone and and do the syncing. You can also sign up for a free iCloud to transfer data for your old iPhone to the new one.

Synching Blues

For Google and Apple users, you have the iTunes that is one single stop for you to sync songs, videos, books, photos and apps. Well, many of you will be in favor of the Cloud, but in case you are not a cloud fan, then iTunes is there to sync your email, calendar and contacts. Now comes the Blackberry, where you have Blackberry Desktop Manager to solve the purpose. You just need to download the app to get through all the syncing business. You can too opt for Doubletwist, a cross platform app if you have an Android or Blackberry.


Who can imagine a Smartphone without apps??? Smartphones are all about the apps, but the confusion lies in which are the best picks. So choose smartly and the ones you would enjoy the most.

Accessories and the confusion

Well, your smartphone might not be perfect, but that still doesn’t call for going over the top with accessories. They certainly can’t make up for the unavoidable slip-ups. Over-indulgence in such items would only burn another hole in your pocket. So, here goes the list of some items that are worthwhile to splurge on:

  1. Headphones: Headphones are your smartphones ultimate soul mate. When it comes to smartphone, some of you won’t even give your iPod a second a look to listen your favorite playlist. But the first and the most important thing you should be doing is to trash away the headphones that came along with your phone. In case you want to go frugal, then Sennheiser HD280 is a good option.
  2. Case: First of all, remember that no case and I mean no case could save your smartphone after hitting a hard floor. But still something is always better than nothing. So for iPhone lovers you have thousands of options to choose from as per your personality. But this might get tougher for other smartphone users. So the best way out is to go for a perfect fit that would properly case your little precious sweetheart rather wasting money on those stylish but misfit cases. Never ever make any compromises with the size and shape when it comes to your smartphone safety.
  3. Storage and Cables: Excluding the iPhone users, others will get an expandable storage arrangement for microSD card. In case your device has less than 2 GB internal storage, then you can easily go for 8GB microcards at pretty cheaper prices. If we talk about cables, then it’s always for the good to have an extra charging cable. You have an iPod dock connector for iPhones and for others a mini USB cable. Such cables will never disaapoint during a vacation or a road trip.

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