Best Future Electronic Trends at CES 2012

Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) is about latest developments in technology and electronics world, for manufacturers, it’s a platform to showcase their latest product before its release in the consumer market. So, without much ado, let’s find out what future electronic trends are going to enthrall the audience in CES in Las Vegas this year.

Wearable technology

CES this year is going to be flooded with devices with cutting-edge technology that you can wear. Apple’s bendable iPod is among a number of other devices from the brand that you can wear and remain connected with your iPhone. Google’s gift is going to be a smart pair of glasses that would display all information on an in-built screen. You can expect to find timepieces that look trendy and are techie too. Italian company’s I’m watch comes with a watchband and runs android. WIMM is another name that is powered by android and punches in micro apps and allows you to read RSS feeds too. Fitness gadgets are also not far behind in this race.

Voice recognition, Touchscreens and Gesture controls

Touchscreens have been elusive so far from computers. But now a huge range of laptops and ultrabooks would enable operation by touch. Ultrabooks that can be operated through voice will also be introduced with Nuance getting into partnerships with ultrabook makers. Intel has revealed about ultrabooks being loaded with gesture controls. While this is all about future computers, the television sector finds LG introducing to both voice and gesture controls in its televisions. Samsung too has reached new height with the manipulations of its smart TVs. Now Samsung TV owners would be able to interact with and control their smart TVs through voice control, gesture control and face recognition.

Operating system Windows 8

Wait to check out the benefits of the OS. A lot of progress has been made on it by its developers. Windows 8 is going to be useful for laptops and slates at the same time. With new Windows store in place, Windows 8 users would also be able to download apps from it.


Time to witness thinner, sleeker, lighter breed of computers called ultrabooks. Following the footsteps of Apple that is readying Mcbook Air, many computer manufacturers are lining up ultrabooks. These ultrabooks would do away with disc drives and would replace hard drives with flash memories. While the processors are to come up from Intel, Microsoft would provide its OS Windows 8 to these ultrabooks. With manufacturers seriously working on a competitive pricing to get an edge on Apple’s Mcbook Air, ultrabooks are going to catch on us soon.

Car apps

Blending automotive innovation with digital realm, Mercedes Benz is going to show off how the brand is going to catch up with the app’s race with the inclusion of Google’s street view among a range of other apps. Ford lead with an example of in-car technology with Sync system and AppLink technology earlier. This year we are awaiting Ford to surprise us with something new in in-car technology that would set a new trend. Apart from these brands, several other brands would introduce you to the technical wonders that they plan to integrate into their cars.

Ice Cream Sandwich tablets

Expect to find a tablet’s galore in CES this year that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. With the OS being available to any interested manufacturer and with Coby alone debuting four tablets in CES this year that runs on ICS, there’s hardly any doubt that a number of other tablet manufactures will not stay behind.

Quad-Core smartphones

Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chip and Snapdragon S4 chip are the next ones to take over. These processors are going to make smartphones super-phones with greater graphic performance, greater efficiency and lesser use of power. To know more about whom these companies will partner with and what other benefits will be derived out of these chips, we have to wait a little longer.

4K display

It’s time for 1080p HDTVs to move on as 4K display is here. With four times pixel density of 1080p HDTV, this is going to be the hottest trend in television sector. In CES 2012, LG and Toshiba display their own 4K 3D TVs. This makes us assume that other brands will too have something for us in similar lines to show off at CES this year.

New trends in all quarters of electronics are assumed to be set this year at CES. Though, most of the technologies are modified versions of the existing ones. But with the touch of novelty in all these soon-to-be hot trends technologies, no one is really complaining.

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