Urinal Gaming Let’s You Play While You Pee

Captive Media sees a huge opportunity in “turning the minute most men spend at the bowl from a boring interlude into an engaging experience which offers brands pre-game, in-game, and post-game promotional opportunities.” Yes, you guessed it right –pee time makes even more exciting than ever.

The company’s gaming system was already patented in the UK and works through the direction of pee stream on the urinals. When the gaming urinals is idle, it serves ads and when the pee-gamer arrives the sensor detects it and flip its 12-inch screen to gaming mode.

“We already had a huge amount of interest in the units from bars, pubs, exhibition centers, and retail outlets across the country and overseas–even though we’ve been trying to keep a lid on it,” said Gordon MacSween, one of two Cambridge engineering graduates who founded Captive Media.

Currently there are few titles of urinal games, On the Piste, Clever Dick and Hosepipe Hero. If you want to experience urinal gaming currently there are five trial urinals running at The Exhibit bar in South London.

Accordingly, competitive pee-gamers can post their gaming prowess through the online leader board or Twitter. As the patent originate in UK, expect this technology to be rolled out early next year widely within the region.

We just wonder if there’s for women?

Source: Cnet

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