Top 10 iPhone 4S Accessories

Although the iPhone 4S initially disappointed analysts and consumers for having added little to the original iPhone 4, the device continues to be a leader in the smartphone arena. Not only does it have a robust app store, the device can become a fully-functional multimedia device by paring it with additional accessories. Here’s ten great iPhone 4S accessories every iPhone user should have. 

Jawbone Jambox

Sometimes, you just have to take your music with you. The Jawbone Jamboxis a portable speaker system that’s specially designed to work with mobile devices, such as your shiny new iPhone 4S. It uses the Bluetooth protocol to stream music from any player for a high-quality portable music experience.

Case-Mate ID Credit Card Slim Case

Carrying your keys, phone, wallet, and gum can be a hassle. The Case-Mate ID Credit Card Slim Caselets you look after both your iPhone and your credit cards for when you’re on the go. It protects your phone from cracks and dings, and gives you a handy place to keep ID and credit cards.

JBL On Stage IV Portable Loudspeaker Dock

No iPhone or iPad for that matter is complete without a full-featured dock. The  JBL OnStage IVallows you to charge your iPhone and kick out the jams with its built-in speakers. It also comes with a handy IR remote with a range of 15 feet.

Logitech 915-000144 Harmony Link

The Harmony Linkturns any iOS device into a remote for all sorts of wireless devices. You can use it to access TV schedules on an iPhone or an iPad and turn your TV to your favorite programming with a few taps of your touchscreen.


While the iPhone 4S already features a terrific battery, it’s always nice to get just a bit more talk time if you can. Certified by Apple as an officially-sanctioned accessory, the BOOST CASEcan double your battery life with its own rechargeable 1700 mAh unit.

Nuu K1 MiniKey Keyboard

Blackberry converts will especially appreciate the Nuu K1. It’s a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard that allows iPhone 4S users to type on their phones using a physical keyboard. Featuring back-lit keys for easy typing in the dark, the Nuu K1 is one of the neatest accessories on the market.

Kensington SoundWave Sound-Amplifying Car Mount

Unlike the stuffed Garfield hoovered to your car window, the Kensington SoundWave Sound-Amplifying Car Mountactually has a practical application. It holds your iPhone 4S on your windshield, and amplifies sound for a superior hands-free phone call experience when you’re driving.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

You can never pay enough attention to protecting your screen. As well-built as the iPhone 4S is, there’s always the potential for shattering if you drop it hard enough. The ZaGG invisibleSHIELD is a clear screen shield that gives you an extra layer of security.


Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4S

If you’re looking for a unique and innovative carrying case for your iPhone, it’s tough to find one more distinctive than the BookBook. It’s an iPhone case made from genuine leather that’s crafted to look like, wait for it, a book. It’s both eye-catching and fairly good at actually protecting your phone.

Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset

There are plenty of cheap Bluetooth headsets available on the market. The Jabra Wave is not one of them. It’s a dependable, high-quality Bluetooth earpiece that’s excellent at screening out background noise and providing a superior hands-free experience.

Needless to say, you probably won’t need all of the accessories listed above in your own life. But any iPhone owner can find a gadget or two in this assortment that will significantly enhance their mobile experience. With the right third-party addons, the iPhone 4S is capable of practically anything.

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