The Most Popular Holiday Toys to Come Up Since 1981 [Infographic]

Now I was feeling very old when I saw the infographic after the break, a timeline of the most popular Christmas gift toys since 1981. Happy Holidays everyone!

Whether it’s a doll from a popular movie/TV franchise or the latest electronic gadget, each holiday season there’s that hot toy you’ll find at the top of most kids’ wish lists. These same items have driven parents insane while they fight the hordes at the local big box retailer to get the last one. For your nostalgic enjoyment, we’ve researched the hottest, most desirable holiday toys since 1981. Plus, we threw in the most interesting factoids about each toy, so you can sound extra smart and interesting at your next cocktail party (you’re welcome).

30 Years of Elf Handiwork - The most popular holiday toys to come out of the workshop since 1981

Source: Ultimate Coupons

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