Peugeot’s “Let Your Body Drive” 4D interactive event with advance 3D mapping and Kinect [Video]

A spectacular 4D show labeled Peugeot’s aim for its strategic internationalisation of its brand simultaneously with Peugeot 208 second primary appearance to showcase an event and a car that features both highly exceptional and cutting edge technologies. Pump up with thousands of attendance, witness the grand 4D experience with a video after the break.



The show was held at the heart of Carioca City, the Cinelandia Square in Rio de Janeiro on the evening of 8th December in front of thousands of spectators. The choice of Brazil symbolises the global reach of Peugeot and also ties with the 208’s “Let Your Body Drive” Signature.

Highlights of the event, were when spectators were given a chance to bring the “Let Your Body Drive” signature to life by “collectively interacting with the rhythms and pulsations of the event.”

If you have watched the video above you’ll have a great idea on how futuristic Peugeot Motion and Emotion Show.

Cemented statement left by Peugeot on this event was the interesting new original technologies that comes with world class event and Peugeot 208 iconic ramp up!

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