Our Planet is Now Home to 7 Billion People [Infographic]

The exponential growth of humans in the planet have made a home now for 7 billion based from UN population fund statistics. And the most interesting here, to double up the 1 billion numbers of people in earlier days, it took 123 years but according to the latest estimates the 8 billion mark will be surpassed in just 14 years –that’s in year 2025. There’s plenty of interesting pieces of information after the break, check out the infographic below.

Here are some of the intriguing revelations that lies ahead on the infographics below:

1. Masters Degree Online we only weigh .00018% of the earth’s bio mass but eat up 20% of what it has to offer.

2. Ant family constitutes a greater portion of the earth’s biomass than we humans do altogether.

3. By 2030, India will surpass China as world’s most populous country.

4. Global population is still exploding.

Source: Discovery

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