JetMan Yves Rossy Flies with Actual Fighter Jets

Jetman Yves Rossy have just showcase again his stunt flying with two L-39C Albatros planes from the Breitling Jet Team, flying at their minimum speed. Flying like these jets, Yves were using a custom-built wing and 4 turbojets while propelling to the air using his body movements to control his flight path. The custom wing have a wingspan of 2m and weighs 55kg (121lbs) fully fueled and with smoke solution, 30kg (66lbs) dry. It’s powered by 4 Jet-Cat P200 turbojet engines, with 22 kilograms thrust each. It has an average speed of 200 km/h (120mph) and a top speed (in descent mode) of 300 km/h (180mph). The fuel on this custom wings allows Yves to do the aerobatics for 10 minutes. You’ll see how he firmly attached himself to the two fighter jets in a squadron-like formation while he flies with them.

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