How to Lose a Canon 5D Mark II worth $2400 in 24 Seconds

CanonRumor have just reported a Canon 5D Mark II mishaps from a named Kurtis Hough which seemed his brandnew camera worth $2400 has been soaked into salty waves of the sea. Though we don’t want to bring this misfortune into public but it’s nice way to open up the thought of taking care of your photography equipments —-that like what you’ve wanted about nature it’s unpredictable beauty resides unpredictable force of nature. This short video could somehow be a dejavu-ish scene for others, but could it be a foreseen future death of 5D Mark II to give way for 5D Mark III? Watch the video after the break.

In an update also of CR, B&H Photo replaces Kurtis camera, good for him. Never stop shootin’ nature is fun.

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