Find My Car Smart App For iPhone 4S

FMC Smart App for iPhone 4S is the first iPhone app that utilize Bluetooth Smart a.k.a. Bluetooth 4.0. The app automatically tracks where or even how long you park your car through a paired USB device that signals the iPhone 4S to take note of the GPS coordinates where you left your car when the engine is shut off. This is significantly convenient compared to other apps that you have to launch it to pin the coordinates where you park your car luckily with this app you just need launch when you can’t find your car.

As of the moment, only iPhone 4S supports Bluetooth Smart and obviously this Kickstarter project is limited to said device. FMC Smart‘s funding goals have been already reached and for those truly forgetful people out there for $30 the entire kit is yours. It’ll be available in January 2012.

Source: KickStarter Page via Engadget

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