We all need a smartphone to survive our everyday life

Back in 2010, Vimeo Awards’ Experimental Short film category was won by Chris Beckman with his entry titled “Oops“. It’s a compilation of “accident” video footage collected from YouTube of people dropping their cameras. Inspired by the winning short film “Oops”, which features a great segues of captured camera-dropping accidents, there’s even a camera dropped in a pool –Motorola asked Beckman to shoot a short film to support the company’s life proof theme on “how we all need a smartphone to survive our everyday life.” Watch the video after the break, “it’s life proof.”

So we think you get it right, you need a life proof smartphone to stand for our everyday use –tough survival. For more information search for genuinely rugged phones Motorola DEFY and Motorola DEFY+, Motorola’s efforts to keep mass market appeal in mind as they designed it.

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