The World’s Smallest V-12 Engine

Have you ever wonder how a V-12 engine works or even how it was built? The video after the cut will show you how it works and how it was built, in a very “small” prototype yet very detailed construction. Be warned, that you may remain hypnotized for a span of less than 10 minutes for the superb craftsmanship and engineering prowess demonstrated on the visuals. Don’t stay too much here, hit the read more link right away.

The tiny polished V-12 engine features 12 cm3 of displacement (12mL engine if we are correct) with 11.3 mm cylinders and the stroke of the pistons 10mm. It runs on compressed air though it could be possibly running on gas but the machinist didn’t want to contaminate the air with combustion gasses.

The Spanish machinist render 1,220 hours to complete the mini-V12 engine that includes tedious machining of 261 parts and 222 screws all in all.

It’s one of the most delicate and detail-oriented creation of an engine we’ve seen so far, it is not for sale, –it’s  the machinist way to instruct viewers on the inner workings of such an engine.

The last time we saw a life-size engineering of an engine was when a documentary of how to build a custom-made Lamborghini.

Source:  BoingBoing 

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