Study Shows That Half of Water-Damaged UK Cellphones Fall in Toilets

Have you ever returned your new phones back to its carrier after drying it thoroughly to hide the incident of dropping it in the toilet then –finding the right excuses. Such an epic scenarios, survey reveals after they went over 1,937 mobile users over 18 and found that 31% of respondents have damaged their mobiles with water or another liquid in the past.

Water-damage cellphones fall in the toilet

Here are the results of the survey:

1. Dropping in the toilet – 47%

2. Spilling drinks on mobile phones – 21%

3. Dropping phones in a bath or shower – 12%

4. Dropping in a kitchen sink – 7%

5. Left in the pocket, then washed in a washing machine – 3%

Accordingly, here are some more findings, men are three times careless to have water-damaged their phones than women with 73% and 27% respectively. The study also reveals that most of our British comrades didn’t insure their phones before their phone’s was short-circuited by water.

Read – Daily Mail, Image Credit –  Flickr Plemon Studios

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