Nokia Lumia 800

One upcoming new handset to be released in the near future is the Nokia Lumia 800. Many consumers are excited about the Lumia’s impending release. In fact, some are even heralding the Nokia Lumia 800 as the first real Windows phone of any substantial design. While previous offerings from Samsung and HTC have been fairly adequate, they have not offered the same features and sturdiness as the Lumia 800.

The screen of the Lumia 800 measures an impressive 3.7 inches, competing with many other impending releases. It also offers a Super AMOLED resolution. The graphics of this phone really are impressive. The phone is designed with a matte finish which makes it much easier to grasp. The phone also is not too heavy, weighing in at 142 grams. One drawback to this phone is its apps. Generally, the apps available for the Lumia 800 lack variety and quantity. One app, Nokia Drive, offers navigation capabilities. However, this app doesn’t provide any greater capabilities than similar apps by Apple and Google. The apps that are available can be downloaded from the Microsoft Marketplace. The Lumia comes with only a camera in the back. With a resolution of 8 megapixels, the location of the camera will make Skyping with this phone impossible. The Lumia utilizes a 1.4 GHz processor. The internal storage of the phone offers a healthy 16 GB and comes with 512 MB of RAM.

The Lumia is unique in that for once a Windows based phone has been equipped with appropriate hardware to make a solid mobile phone. Granted, they still face stiff competition from Android mobile phones. But this Nokia offering is a much better Windows phone than those developed by Samsung. For those consumers looking for a mid-grade mobile phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 is an outstanding choice that will offer both reliability and performance.

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