More Than 600,000 Facebook Accounts Get Hacked Daily

Facebook could be the largest social networking site in the planet right now, that’s why obviously it’ll be the main target for hackers and spammers. It’s quite alarming that more than 600,000 Facebook accounts get hacked daily. So do you think Facebook is doing enough to eradicate these security issues?

According to security firm Sophos, there’s “about 0.06% of a billion logins are compromised each and about 0.5% of facebook users get spammed on a single day.” The firm highlights these numbers while discussing the new features introduced by Facebook. The social networking giant unveiled the “trusted friends” and “App Passwords” to somehow limit users security vulnerabilities. “Trusted Friends” lets user to tag three or four trustworthy friends which in case of lockout will receive security code to retrieve your account back. “App Passwords” is an application which will automatically generate different passwords on your behalf without the burden of remembering them.

These attacks seemed to be contagious and it grows everyday, Facebook isn’t the only one facing this problem. As social networking sites have been fixing this issues, the users should be smart enough to be not a victim. Think before you click.

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