It only takes 10 minutes for iPhone 4S pre-orders to be sold out in Hong Kong

It only takes 10 minutes, is this a big shocker –no, as a report echoed today that pre-orders of iPhone 4S in Hong Kong has been sold out in just 10 minutes after Apple started taking pre-orders last Friday. So what is the shocker? We can place the surprise to missing Mandarin or Cantonese support of iPhone 4S’ key feature –Siri. Accordingly, the report highlights “Apple generated $4.5 billion in revenue (up 270% year over year) from Greater China — 16% of total sales compared with 2% in fiscal 2009”, with this great demand you can expect big numbers coming up on this region.

Meanwhile, almost same scenarios happened on Korea’s two largest carriers with SK Telecom and KT when they’ve opened they started taking pre-orders for iPhone 4S last Friday, “The website crashed due to high traffic at one point, and the two companies had over 200,000 pre-orders the same day, much more than the 130,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4 in August last year.”

Thinking how big the market in greater China, no wonder why even Apple Stores has been faked as reported earlier.

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