Internet Explorer falls below 50% in browser market share

Windows XP might be old enough and should give way to its younger brother Windows 7, its considerable decline is understandable. However, the case of the most popular web browser, yes, that’s Microsoft’s Internet Explorer –that has been browser king for more than a decade now –the browser’s market share was in serious downfall. Back in 2004, IE tops 95-percent share of web browser usage.

According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has finally fallen below 50% in the browser market share. Clearly, the firm’s data for browser web traffic for the month of October shows 49.58% shares accounted to Internet Explorer. For the first time, the web browser giant have fallen below 50-percent. Can you imagine that back in 2004 it has 95-percent share.

Firefox and Google Chrome continue to grow, with 21.20% and 16.59% of the browser market share respectively. Safari browser, only holds 8.54% of total browser usage, notably a small numbers comparing to Apple’s products being shipped with Safari support.

Likewise, with Google taking on the mobile device with Android and computer-platform with Chrome and Chrome OS, there’s no doubt that Chrome market share will have drastic rise in coming months.

Meanwhile, for Internet Explorer, Web developers rejoice as the browser might be in its constant downfall.

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