Infographic: 9 Things You Need to Know About Amazon

It’s seems the label Amazon have just live up, like a river it keeps on flowing and it continues to adapt on the diversity of lives within it. Amazon’s 17 years have shown an ultimate growth that’s comparable to Walmart. However, Amazon have taken the million-title-bookseller and was easily turned world’s-largest-retailer hit the $50 billion sales mark in half the time it took Walmart. Now with its evolving Kindle line-up who’ve grown from a keyboard-to-touch e-ink devices then taking a further step with an Android-loving Kindle Fire the largest e-tailers flagship entry in the tablet market. Now we’re looking on Amazon evolving labels as a bookseller, e-tailer and now as a tech company. Can Amazon live up with the competitions for the tablet market? Does it have the right ecosystem to build a tech-company within? Check out the 9 things you should know about Amazon through an infographic after the break.

Amazon Infographic

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Source: Amazon Infographic


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