HTC overtakes Apple as Top Smartphone Vendor in the US

It looks like the Android devices has stormed 3Q of this year, according to the latest financial reports, HTC has become the top smartphone vendor in the U.S. in terms of shipments overtaking Apple. HTC managed to ship about 5.7 million under its own name and about 70,000 units under T-Mobile. When we say Android taking over the third quarter, as Samsung also takes the second spot with 4.9 million shipments leaving Apple on the third place with 4.6 million shipments.

Samsung notable second spot is only limited in the US, as it successfully overtakes Nokia, Apple and RIM to become the number one smartphone vendor worldwide with 27.3 million shipments in just the 3Q 2011 to take about 23 percent of the market share.

We’ve seen an impressive response of demand for the iPhone 4S, so expect Apple to bounce back next quarter, you might have read about the Hong Kong’s iPhone 4S pre-orders that has been sold-out in just 10 minutes. Inundated pre-orders also cause server shutdown in the launch of Korea.’s two largest carriers.

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