How Camera Lens’ Focal Length Can Beautify or Uglify Your Pretty Face

Stephen Eastwood explains the magic of the camera lenses that can make one picture the best or otherwise worst. Could it be the secret of those photogenic people? Learn more of this good photography tips after the break.

How Camera Lens' Focal Length Can Beautify or Uglify Your Pretty Face

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According to the explanation and what you’ve seen at the image above, no matter how advance your camera lenses, they’re not working like our eyes. Camera lenses tend to bend lights and capture a two dimensional picture in a limited field, this is where lens distortion occurs.

You can easily notice that the images captured in higher focal length appears to be flatter and wider. Meanwhile, the shorter focal length distort the images inward which makes the subject looks thin.

So basically from this as a photogs or hobbyist you can easily adjust the focal length to make your subjects appear at their best pictures, unless you’re shootin’ a gifted photogenic one.

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