HexBug Larva, the coolest creepy crawly robot for just $12

The creepy crawler that was introduced to be a toy, yeah a robotic toy aimed to “give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age.” Thanks to Hexbug, for bringing in Larva, from the previous range of crawly robots such The Ant, The Spider and The Inchworm. But don’t think that this small robots have no brains in it, apart from the thing that it is mechanically moving, it can also sense object obstacles and avoid it. Most important the Hexbug Larva is inexpensive for just $12 with five color choices. Check out how it crawls on a video after the cut.

Now if you think this will be a perfect exchange gift item, go ahead grab one of Larva and surprise your love ones. While checking Amazon we find there are plenty of Hexbugs available.

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