DIY Privacy Monitor

If the world’s smallest V-12 engine wowed your eyes while it was being assemble, ooh, well that would be non-work related if you’re in the office —-that’s lucky for those who have a slide-in privacy film on their computer. Rather than buying that privacy film, dimovi a user in Instructables devises a way to privately protect his delicate or confidential things in his computer from other unnecessary eyes. And obviously from the picture above you would only see white monitor unless you wear the DIY eyeglasses. Check out how he did everything after the break.

The DIY Privacy Monitor was a disassembled monitor where the polarizing film was removed –this will only show you white-colored monitor. The removed film is now cut to shape to be framed on an eyeglasses . So when the monitor is reassembled, the monitor will only show its content to person wearing the polarizing eyeglasses, much more like a 3D monitor and 3D eyeglasses.

So I’m starting to think of doing my own monitor tear-down for my experiment, wish me luck!

Source: DIY Privacy Monitor

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