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A British price comparison company has become the first to launch a car insurance price comparison app which is available to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. has said that it believes that its latest innovation will help to revolutionise the price comparison market by allowing motorists to compare car insurance quotes on the go at any time. This will likely prove invaluable to people who are on the look out for a new car; allowing them to find out how much they are likely to be paying to insure themselves on a particular vehicle before committing to a purchase.

Although the app is currently only available to British motorists; the company believes that it will inspire competitors to produce similar products which take advantage of the developing smart phone technology in the near future. American insurers might also make similar efforts; taking heed of efforts being made in the more developed European insurance market place.

The MoneySupermarket car insurance app which was developed by renowned digital technology company MIG (Mobile Interactive Group) is available for download either from iTunes or the website itself.

Once the app has been downloaded, you will be required to create a account if you do not already have one which contains information about yourself such as gender, age and occupation; all of which will have an impact on premiums. This information will then not have to be filled in when the app is used on subsequent occasions; saving users both time and effort.

Inputting information about the vehicle has also been made simpler, with the app retrieving data stored about vehicles on the DVLA website upon taking a photograph of the cars registration plate.

Once these two sets of information have been entered, users will then be taken to a fresh page containing the quotes which are on offer through over 100 car insurance companies. Each of these quotes will have a ‘click to call’ button located alongside them so that users have a means of contacting prospective insurers in order to make enquiries or arrange for the proposed cover to be put in place. insurance expert Julie Fisher commented: “The launch of our app is a real leap forward and brings insurance comparison up to date with consumer expectations.”

“We hope that by having a great car insurance buying experience over a smart phone or tablet for our customers the industry will soon follow our lead and optimise their sites to support those who want to buy their car cover while they’re on the move. We know more and more of our customers are actively using these devices to access our site and emails. We identified that making this easier for consumers was vital and by working with our partner Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) we have created a great solution for our customers.”

MIG’s David Balko added: “This has been a really great and collaborative project which has pulled on all of MIG’s strategic, creative and technological expertise.”

“The app utilises all of the Apple functionality, combines great designs and has grouped key customer questions together into groups, to turn what was once a complicated solution into something that is simple, easy and effective for all MoneySupermarket customers to use.”

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