Best Holiday Techie Gifts for your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

With the holiday coming up, you never fail to give something special to your partner. You always give time and effort looking for the best techie stuffs you can find for your techie boyfriend or girlfriend. In this day and age, going digital is the trend and you can never lost options on what to buy for your loved ones. For sure you will be able to stretch your monthly budget when it comes to buying for them. Either way, you have to remember that buying digital items may be costly so you need to have a specific range of budget for your gift. But remember, you don’t need to look further because these items can be seen online through and other online shopping stores!

If you are looking for the best holiday techie gifts for your boyfriend, there are many choices you can choose from —-far from the usual soccer jerseys. All you need to do is research for his type whether it is music, sports, physical fitness, gaming and the like. Here are some of the best holiday techie gifts for your boyfriend:

  1. Nice Headphones

Undeniably, men loves music and they are always in constants search for the best headphones there is. Some want those subtle headphones where they can isolate themselves and not hear anything but the music. Others would prefer bigger headphones as if they are DJs. One of the promising pieces of headphone is the Sportsband Bluetooth Cordless Headphones. This is one of a kind product since he doesn’t need to mind the cord and keeping it away from other objects. It has a Bluetooth + apt-X which can give your boyfriend quality music!

You might also look at the best luxury headphones and best iPhone 4/4S stock headphone replacements.

  1. Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

If your boyfriend is a health buff, he can use this sports watch to keep him fit because it checks his stats when he runs or jog, he can also put other personalized data which is essential if he checks his improvements whatever sports he is in.

  1. Charging Station

This is called the BlueLounge Sanctuary Charging Tray and it can be a great help to your boyfriend if he has too many gadgets to keep up with. It promises to charge about 1500 handheld electronic devices and it comes in a small box where he can carry it around or leave in his car. You can also look at this best luxury iPhone 4/4S speaker and charging systems.

  1. Alarm Clock

Let’s admit it, waking up early seem to be one of the hardest thing. Giving your boyfriend a digital alarm clock will surely wake your sleepy boyfriend’s head. The best part is, this digital alarm clock will let him adjust his timeframe.

  1. Numark iDJ Live

For your DJ wannabee boyfriend, you can buy this iDJ for their  iPad,  iPod or iPhone since there is a software that synchs this gadget to various Apple products which is a good gadget for those who wants to be a professional DJ or have tried DJ-ing.

On the other hand, if you want to give something to your techie girlfriend, you need to choose the best holiday techie gift for your girlfriend apart from the usual jewelry gifts. Again, you need to take in consideration what your girlfriend likes and research about it. Luckily, you don’t need to look further because online shopping websites like Amazon is packed with techie gadgets that you can choose from. Here are some lists of techie gadgets you can choose to for the best holiday techie gifts for your girlfriend.

Kindle Touch

  1. Kindle

One of the best things you can give your girlfriend is to give them a Kindle. This can store up to hundreds or thousands of reading materials that your girlfriend will love. So if they are subscribing magazines and e-books, they can store it up in their Kindle.

  1. Wellness monitor by Fitbit Ultra

This is made especially for your girlfriend who is conscious about her figure and keeps an active lifestyle. The Fitbit Ultra can tract every activity that your girlfriend is in and it can keep them motivated throughout the day.

  1. Plug Hub Under-Desk Cord management

If your girlfriend seems to be OC and wants things organized, you can give her the Plug Hub Under-Desk Cord management. This is a very good way to help her organizer various cords from different gadgets and chargers in her desk.

  1. Head Massager

Don’t underestimate this Head Massager
because this is motorized and this can be one of the best holiday techie gift for your girlfriend to take away the stressors that she is in. It gently massages the scalp and pressure points so she will feel relaxed after a long day’s work.

  1. Rise and Shine Natural Wake-Up Light

This lamp can totally uplift your girlfriend when she wakes up and if she needs to go to sleep. It has the sleep mode feature where the light decreases and helps fall asleep easily.

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