Best Holiday Gifts for Techie Moms

In any special occasion, whether Thanksgiving or Christmas, moms are always busy preparing the menu, setting the table, doing decorations and the like. Sometimes, they are underappreciated because they just want simple and practical gifts. But this season, it is best to change things up a little bit and give you mother something special which she will surely enjoy. In this day and age, everything has gone digital little do you know your mom is also starting to become techie. This season there is no need to look further to buy the best holiday gifts for techie mom since there is a long list on which you can choose from to give your mother the best digital gadget there is that suit her personality.

When you look for the best holiday gift for techie mom, all you need to keep in mind is its usage to her daily life. With the different brands and type of gadget that are available in the market today,  it may affect your choices. You don’t want to end up buying something she can’t use because it will just be a waste of money. With that, think of something in her interest and look for a techie gadget that will make her life easier. Here is some of the best holiday gift for techie mom that you can buy for them.

  1. Swarovski encrusted flash drive

Yes, there is a thing as such and this can be the best holiday gifts for techie mom because not only is the flash drive valuable to save files but it is also fashionable with the Swarovski crystals that surrounds it. For sure your mother’s officemates and friends will drool over how fashionable technological gadgets can be.

  1. Digital voice recorders

Gone are the days where your mother needs to bring a long list of what to buy in the grocery store. Instead, she can now use digital voice recorders and help in doing grocery lists, to-do-lists, shopping lists, calendar information and even meetings and special occasions through digital voice recorders.

  1. Robot shaker for pepper and salt

Salt and peppers are staples in every kitchen at home. These salt and pepper robot shakers are very easy to use and it gives the desired amount of condiments for every cooking needs. This gadget is very practical and mothers would surely love the shakers and see how robots waddle and use salt and pepper in cooking.

  1. Booklight with E-book adapter

Moms like reading E-books are priced possessions and it can be considered as the best holiday gifts for techie mom. But moms would appreciate it there would be book lights while they are reading in dark areas. Although the light emitting from E-books is good enough for one to read but older people may have difficulty reading E-books. The backlights can be used to add more light and instead of having batteries, it has an adapter for all kinds and shapes of E-books.


  1. USB desktop vacuum cleaner

Another economical and functional best holiday gifts for techie mom. Dusts and other small particles can lodge inside the keypads and it can cause problems in the future. With the desktop vacuum, no batteries are needed because it can be charged through the USB. It is just small but it gets the work done and vacuums the keyboard or other areas of the laptop or desktop.

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