Best Holiday Gifts for Techie Dad

We all know that there is one type of dads who are very fond of electronic gadgets. These dads are known as the techie dads and they always dream of getting themselves the latest and great gadgets to enjoy rather than some normal fancy fashion accessories or loungewear. If you’re dad is a techie dad then you’ve probably realized by now that he may be wanting a gadget for the upcoming holiday. As we wait for Christmas, perhaps it’s best to choose what is the best gift that you can get for your techie dad. To help you make a decision, here are five of the ideal best gifts that are best for any techie dad out there.

Here’s the list of the best holiday gifts for your techie dad, click on through the numbered links, to get more ideas. Each images below is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kindle Touch

5. E-Book Readers

Most dads love to read even the techie dads. Hence, if your dad enjoys reading as a great hobby, then getting him a great e-book reader should do very well. E-book readers are important things if you want to read e-books on the go. An ideal e-book reader would be the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader and should suit any techie dad.

white ipod touch

4. iPod

While many would already think that iPods are only for the younger generations, even techie dads appreciate the value of good music on the go. And that said, the iPod can definitely get the job done. Getting an iPod for your techie dad should be great and to make it better, download his favorite music there already. For any techie dad, the Apple iPod Classic (7th Generation) should do the job.

3. Smartphones

Cell phones may be great, but every techie dad knows the greatness of any good quality smartphone. Smartphones are like the more intelligent forms of cell phones and they allow their users to enjoy a far better experience with them. If you’re looking for a great smartphone for your techie dad, then Samsung’s Galaxy S II Android smartphone or an iPhone 4S should be more than enough or you may check out top 10 dual-core Android smartphones.

2. Laptops

Though your techie dad may already have one, it still pays to get him a brand new laptop to keep him up to date with today’s modern gadgets. Laptops are great gifts that any techie dad would really appreciate even if he already has one of his own. And, what better laptop can you get other than the Toshiba Qosmio X775-3DV78 17.3-Inch 3D Gaming Laptop?

1. Tablets

For the greatest of all of the best gifts for techie dads, the tablet stands out among the rest. Tablets are the most popular gadgets nowadays and every techie dad dreams of having one of their own. If you have enough money, then getting one for your dad should make him really happy. And to make it better, get him the Apple iPad 2 which is currently the best one out there or look for more in the top 10 Android tablets.

Though these may play as ideal best gifts for any techie dad for the holidays, it still varies. However though, any techie dad would definitely appreciate any one of these and there’s no harm in giving him any of these wonderful gifts. Just choose from one of them and you will get a great gift that you can give to your beloved techie dad to make this year’s holidays, one of the best in his entire life.

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