‘Invisible Glass’ — Solves Screen Reflection Problems

Can you imagine computer monitors and smartphones with almost no reflection on its front-display panel? So don’t be surprised if this problem will find its solution really soon as Nippon Glass Co. a Japanese firm has been successful on creating an anti-reflection film that ultimately reduces the amount of reflection the light rays cast when passing through the normal glass.

So how the anti-reflection film works? The glass is naturally transparent but the light passing through it was being reflected back into our eyes, making the glass visible. Working on that theory, Nippon’s scientist built a non-reflecting film on both sides of the glass.The normal glass, the substrate allows 92% of light rays to pass through while reflecting back the rest 8% while with film the light that pass through was brought to amount of 99.5%, which means only 0.5% of the light is reflected back. So basically the film reduces the light that bounces back to our eyes making the glass practically invisible.

The Nippon non-reflecting film was exhibited at FPD international where the visitors were left surprised when their eyes couldn’t make out the presence of glass in front of them.

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