iPhone 4S Hits One Million Sales in 24 Hours

It looks like the iPhone 4S have just stunned those tech pundits and writers who’ve just roundly tell the world that the device is a major disappointment merely a failure. As we speak there’s one million units sales already and ooh, in just 24-hours. And to even sweeten the deal, Apple claims that it’s the fastest-selling first day for any of their iDevices “ever”. The iPhone 4S beats the existing iPhone 4 record of 600,000 unit sales on its first day.

The evidence of the positive demand for iPhone 4S has been showed entirely from the start. With Apple site crashing last Tuesday after the event announcement. When mobile carriers opened their pre-order page before the weekend, payment servers almost crashed for high demand spike.

We’re just wondering if Steve’s death have a great impact on sales? Nevertheless, it seems that actual paying customers are optimistic on taking the lack of “5” on the new iPhone’s moniker, a new camera, Siri –voice assistant and much faster processor.

After all, bloated number of sales is expected for iPhone 4S on its first week, don’t be surprised if its out there breaking sales milestones.

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