Drop Test: iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S II

Wondering how the new iPhone 4S and Samsung’s bestselling Android smartphone Galaxy S II will do when dropped? Hold your new iPhone 4S tight, we got a jaw-dropping video like we have for the iPhone 5 after the break.

Unfortunately, the build of the iPhone 4S was totally a disadvantage for a concrete drop test . The iPhone 4S is made from a solid metal frame and cover front-back glass compared to much lighter, thinner and semi-plastic with front Gorilla glass Galaxy S II.

So if you’re one of the fanboy who spent hours in line just to grab the new iPhone 4S, be sure to take some rugged case or be careful on handling it –just waist-high and your precious 4S could have shattered front or back glass panel.

Be warned kids, don’t try this at home with your Mom or Dad’s 4s or GS2.

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