Chevy’s Flying Cars

We know that you’ve watched several sci-fi movies sporting those lightning-speed flying cars. Though we know that it might take few more years for flying cars to establish traffic on the sky, Chevy has actually showing off their version flying Chevy Sonic and Camaro on some of its events. We got few more details and videos after the cut, fly with us.

The flying Chevy Sonic at Texas State Fair was a full-sized vehicle but unfortunately can’t accommodate a single passenger. All together, the flying car was made of lightweight foam filled with 5 or 6 cubic meters of helium making the car weightless and somehow flammable. Steering the car up through the air was a lightweight battery powers a set of electric motors with carbon fiber propellers. It’s also controlled via a wireless remote.

In addition, earlier in the year, at the Seoul Motor Show, GM also showed off a flying version of the Camaro.

Read – SlashGear via OhGizmo!

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