Apple iDevices Make More Money Than All of Microsoft’s Products

We know that Apple is reported to have more cash than the US Federal government and as it seems to mirror the scenarios this time the Cupertino company along with its iDevices makes more money that all of Microsoft’s products put together in sales.

The report comes from Asymco, a firm that “compares product revenue from both companies to determine who has better financial performance”. The firm have compared Apple’s and Microsoft’s financial earnings the makes the conclusion for the aforementioned claim.

Mark these three things according to the report:

The Mac business generates more revenue than Windows.

iOS powered devices generate more revenue than all of Microsoft’s products put together.

Apple’s revenues grew 413% since Q2 2007, compared to mere 26% of Microsoft.

Accordingly, you might think that Apple is taking its lead from Microsoft due to high prices of its products, but this idea shouldn’t be followed as the company have incredibly widens its chain of stores that displays and sells Apple products with its own hardware, software and accessories. Mostly making the income on its own products i.e. iPhone and iOS, Mac and OS Xs, etc. not to mention iTunes and the App Store.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s products such as Windows, Office, Xbox and Hotmail make a lot of revenue but they are still way behind Apple’s offering such iPhone and iPad who’s been the benchmark and on-top of the smartphone-tablet markets.

With iPhone 5 nearing its release, hold tight cause this numbers could be bloated into some numbers to even widen the margin of sales.

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