Windows 8 BIOS gets the modern look

If you thought that the new Blue Screen of Death of Windows 8 was awesome, then you might appreciate this one as well. Up until Windows 7, before the sleek modern UI of windows loads, your computer must first go through the way retro BIOS with all the white text on black background goodness. But at the onset of Windows 8, things will be different as it will be ditching the old BIOS with the new “Unified Extensible Firmware Interface” or UEFI for short. The most noticeable difference of this change is the more graphical look of the initial menus. It also allows you to easily boot to other devices without having to go to the hassle of navigating your white-on-blue BIOS screen. If you’re hardcore and would want the wall of text BIOS back, you can always change the settings to do so.

Get your nostalgia glasses ready as the awesome guys at Gizmodo has thrown this video that might let you appreciate those old school looks more.

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